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MikroTik MTCNA/RE/WE Online Re-Certification Exam

Training Dates : Weekly

Start Time: Anytime

Training Price: R 1 138.50 (Incl 15% VAT)


Whom must attend:

  • Any student who has previously done the NA/RE/WE training and successfully passed the certification exam and obtained the respective certificate.


What must I do to rewrite:

  • Enrol for the exam you would like to write and make payment. Once payment has been done, send an e-mail to training@miro.co.za to notify us and to avoid any system delays.
  • Accept the invite to the exam and register by following the link in the e-mail you will receive from MikroTik (Exactly like registering for the original training).
  • Arrange your date and time of the exam by contacting training@miro.co.za


What do you need:

  • A stable internet connection. In addition to being an online, open-book exam requiring reasonable throughput, the exam also gets monitored by your selfie camera and tracks all URLs you visit.
  • WinBox installed on your PC with a MikroTik router is always handy to find some of the answers during the exam, but nearly nothing that is not in the online manuals.



  • A previous valid MTC certificate for the applied exam. However, the initial certificate is still acceptable after expiration and the original account must be used.
  • Pre-registering for the exam and arranging a time with training@miro.co.za to open the exam (valid for 14 days after this date)


What do you receive:

  • On opening the exam, you will receive a free MikroTok OS licence level-4 available as a download.
  •  After successful completion (passing the exam with 60% and higher), students will receive an internationally recognized MTC certificate, valid for three years and downloadable from their MikroTik account under “My Certificates”



Jan 02 2024 - Nov 30 2024

Local Time

  • Timezone: Africa/Johannesburg
  • Date: Jan 02 2024 - Nov 30 2024



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