The UniFi Dream Wall is a complete, premium, full-featured UniFi appliance in a brand-new form factor.


UniFi has removed the constraints set by traditional rackmount switches and has innovated with its new vertically mounted layout with an integrated touchscreen showing network statistics and health at a glance.


Ubiquiti has integrated an UniFi controller, gateway firewall, access point, and a PoE switch with redundant AC power all into one compact, device.


Technical specification and layout: 


The unit includes 20 network ports segmented into 2 regions. 


The Dream Wall includes all supported UniFi applications currently available into 1 device.

All of these applications can be run at the same time from just one UB-UDW

1. UniFi Network: Wi-Fi and Network Management

  • An incredible platform packing together powerful internet gateways with scalable Wi-Fi & switching into an integrated management platform. Get insights into your network like never before with real-time traffic dashboards, visual topology maps, and even smart tips suggesting opportunities you can optimise.

2. UniFi Protect: CCTV Management

  • A constantly evolving, AI-driven camera platform capable of recording high-quality video for local storage. Sorting through footage has never been easier thanks to our smart detection capabilities. It brings versatile control over recording schedules, camera access, and even how notifications are sent to administrators.

3. UniFi Access: Access Control and Facility Management 

  • A state-of-the-art access control system with modern touch-screen access readers, live video, and mobile app credential support. Easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies like never before.

4. UniFi Innerspace: Wi-Fi and CCTV Visualisation

  • UniFi Innerspace is a visualisation tool that allows you to view your UniFi system’s Wi-Fi and camera coverage over your floor plan.

Through firmware updates, Ubiquiti will continuously add additional features with one of the latest being Ubiquiti’s Site-Magic VPN feature, making site-to-site VPN connections almost trivial. 
As technology plays a bigger part of our lives, the need for simplification of our workspaces becomes more and more important and desired.
The UniFi Dream Wall has been designed to replace multiple devices into one single form factor, while at the same time, remove the requirement for a utilitarian network cabinet.
This device takes centre-stage of any workspace or office environment without compromising a clean aesthetic or functionality.
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